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Eyes Guard

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What is Eyes Guard?

Eyes Guard is a Windows Application for protecting your eyes. It will help you (also can force you!) to break if you are working with your PC for a long time using configurable times.


Windows 10/11 (Official with latest features)

EyesGuard will no longer distribute its packages via Microsoft Store. You need to install the package manually using the instruction below:

  1. 🟩 Download the latest setup form the Releases section.
    • For x64 systems: EyesGuard-Setup-VERSION-x64.exe
    • For x86 systems: EyesGuard-Setup-VERSION-x86.exe
  2. Run the setup and install EyesGuard.

πŸͺŸ Method 2: Use Windows Store Package (needs Developer mode to be enabled):

  1. Enable Developer Mode from Settings > System > For Developers
  2. 🟩 Download the latest package form the Releases section.
    • For x64 systems:
    • For x86 systems:
  3. Unzip the package.
  4. Find the certificate file with .cer extension and open it.
  5. Click Install Certificate > Local Machine > Place certificate in following store > pick Trusted People
  6. Open the installation package with .appx extension and install Eyes Guard.

Windows 7 (Unofficial Fork, not latest)

Download from ExplorerOL’s GitHub

Any Screenshots?

Control Panel

Eyes Guard


Eyes Guard Settings

Notify Icon

Eyes Guard NotifyIcon

What features does it have?

Feature Implementation State Is live on store version?
Short Break βœ” Implemented βœ” Yes
Long Break βœ” Implemented βœ” Yes
Timing Customization βœ” Implemented βœ” Yes
Stas βœ” Implemented βœ” Yes
Pause or Stop protection βœ” Implemented βœ” Yes
Windows Tray Integration βœ” Implemented βœ” Yes
Auto Start βœ” Implemented βœ” Yes
Customize messages βœ” Implemented βœ” Yes
Multi-language βœ” Implemented βœ” Yes

How can I help?

Eyes Guard is a free and open-source app. If you like it, please consider:

Supported Languages

Β  Language Locale Translator
us English en-US Aryan Ebrahimpour, Gianpaolo Filippa, Akash Joshi
ir Persian fa-IR Aryan Ebrahimpour
it Italian it-IT Gianpaolo Filippa
fr French fr-FR Bouillon Pierre
ru Russian ru-RU Dmitry Vorobjev
no Norwegian nb-NO Thomas Rory Gummerson
in Tamil ta-IN Muthu Kumar
ko Korean ko-KR Sung Jae Cho
ch Chinese zh-CN Qixiny
tr Turkish tr-TR Furkan KARADENΔ°Z
de German de-DE Marco Heinisch
po Polish po-PO Bartlomiej Szmolke
ua Ukrainian uk-UA Yaroslav Shaposhnyk
add Add Language Β  You

Can I contribute?

PRs are very welcome!

You can contribute to software development and/or create translations for the app.

How to contribute to translating app

Method 1 : using GitHub

Adding a new Language:

  1. Go to Languages folder and create a new yaml file with name {StandardCountryCode}.yml like en-US.yml or fa-IR.yml. Here is a List of country codes you can pick.
  2. Copy the content of en-US.yml to the new created file.
  3. In the meta part of yaml edit the Translators array. Remove the existing translators in the copied file and just put information of yourself.
  4. Translate the Translation section of file and make a PR!

Modifying a translation file:

  1. Go to Languages and find the language you want to edit using its standard locale.
  2. In the meta part of yaml and in the Translators array, add yourself as a new translator without removing others from the list.
  3. Make your changes in the Translation section and make a PR!

Method 2 : using Email

Use the links mentioned in above method, modify/add translation file, then email it to me:

πŸ“œ RTL Languages

For right-to-left languages like Persian, Arabic, etc. It is not needed to explicitly state language layout in the meta section. Simply use a standard country code, and the app automatically detects if it has right-to-left direction or not and changes the design of elements in app.

πŸ“ Solution Structure

Project Name Language Description
EyesGuard C# Main Application (at the time of starting project I didn’t know F# to write the app entirely in F#)
EyesGuard.Data F# Type Provider and Data Access / Translations
StorePackage Β  Used to publish WPF app into Store

πŸ”¨ Build

You need Paket Package manager for .NET to restore the packages.

git clone
cd .\EyesGuard
paket install
cd .\Source\EyesGuard
dotnet run